Friday, March 21, 2014

News Update

Boland News Update:

1.) Davey Gouws is this weeks Surf Ninja on! Go check it out!

                              Ninja kick
                              Karate chop

2.) A photo of me, from a recent tube fest at Pringle Bay, got published in the latest issue of Zigzag. Thanks to Chris Troch for his amazing GoPro skillz.

3.) The first solid swell of the year rocked our coastline, lighting up a wide selection of Boland surf spots. The 5.5m, 17seconds swell hit early Wednesday afternoon, staying solid throughout Thursday and finally came to a rest on Friday. Stories are flying around of cooking beachies and points. We lucked out at Bikini Beach, surfing fun waves early Thursday morning on the high tide.

                          Bikini Beach Point

4.) Boland's Adin Masencamp and Steffen Burrows are heading to Ecuador next weekend to compete in the Vissla ISA World Junior Surfing Championships. You can support Adin's trip by going down to Natural Energy Surf Shop in Strand and buying raffle tickets for R50. You will stand a chance of winning some great prizes from Billabong worth R5000!. Adin just got some new shred sticks and he sais they are going really well. Good luck with your trip boys! Bring home the trophy!

                    Adin and his shred sticks

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Recap of the past few weeks:

The Maties team competed in the Billabong Interclub Champs in Jeffreys Bay two weeks ago. The waves were average, but the trip was a lot of fun. We made it to round 3 where we were knocked out by JBU and Jbay boardriders. Congrats to JBU for taking out the win. They were shredding.
                                  #Maties represent!

There have been really good waves at home lately. Caves has been doing its thing, producing tons of deadly barrels. Pringle Bay also had some amazing waves a few weeks ago. We got super barreld for hours long. I ended up snapping my board and leash that day. Back on the crappy 2012 model for now.
Here are a few photos by Coetzer Cooke Photography.
                           Caves wedge deluxe
                        Davey has been charging, finding many waves just like this one
                            Tommy Kruger
                          Me. Pre board snap at Pringle Bay. Photo: Chris Troch

Davey Gouws -> #Sequence01

Sequence 01 from Davey Gouws on Vimeo.